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Fee Structure

FEE HEAD FREQUENCY NUR-UKG One to three Four To Six Sixth to Eight
Admission fee One Time Rs. 6000 Rs.6000 Rs.6000 Rs.6000
Registration fee One Time Rs. 500 Rs.500 Rs.500 Rs. 500
Annual charges Every year (In April) Rs. 2000 Rs.2000 Rs.2000 Rs. 2000
Exam fee Every year (In April) Rs. 600 Rs. 600 Rs.600 Rs. 600
Computer Fee Yearly   Rs. 1200 Rs.1200 Rs. 1200
Copy. Tie. Belt.Diary Every year  Rs.2000 Rs.2000 Rs.2000 Rs. 2000
Education Fee Quarterly (April to June Rs.3000 Rs.3600 Rs.3900 Rs. 4500
Total at the time of admission                                                  * Transport (at Avail)  Rs.14100 Rs.15900 Rs.16200 Rs.16800
Yearly payment(at the time of admission) *Transport(if Avail) Rs.17100 Rs.20700 Rs.21900 Rs.24300
Note * Last date for fee payment is 10th of every month                                                                                                                                                      *Late fine of Rs. 100 per month installment shall be charged                                                                                                  *Please bring exact installment amount at the time of depositing fee,otherwise it shall not be accpeted.
Class At the time of admission Jul to sep Oct to Dec Jan to Mar Total
P.Nc to ukg Rs. 14100 Rs. 3000 Rs.3000 Rs.3000 Rs.23100
  Rs. 15900 Rs. 3600 Rs.3600 Rs.3600 Rs.26700
  Rs. 16200 Rs.3900 Rs.3900 Rs.3900 Rs. 27900
  Rs. 16800 Rs.4500 Rs.4500 Rs.4500 Rs.30300


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